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Our Story

Eight years ago, Shane and Jody were attending a friend’s wedding at a beautiful venue and Shane leaned over to Jody and said, “we should do this” she replied “you know we’re already married right?” Shane laughed and said “no, the venue” and right there the idea was born. Not much came of the idea, they had big dreams and didn’t know where to start. Fast forward to  the summer of 2018 and they shared the idea with Shane’s sister Rikki and her husband James who were even more excited about this idea than they were. They all put their thinking caps on and came up with all sorts of different ideas of what they could do and how but still none of these ideas were going to work for what they had in mind, until they found the property that is Hillside Acres, where it all came together.

We have owned the property since June of 2019 and have worked so hard building the venue to what it is today. We are all so excited to finally to be able to share our beautiful venue with couples.

Meet The Team



Our self-taught builder extraordinaire, there’s yet to be any crazy idea we’ve come up with that he hasn’t been able to put together. He loves weddings more than your average man and has been known to take over a wedding rehearsal on more than one occasion. You will find him building, mowing lawns and sharing his love for weddings and our property.



She loves to create, organize and make pretty things. She will be the voice behind most of our social media and website, you will also find her making checklists, sending emails and meeting with our lovely couples. 



She loves working with people and making them happy. She will be meeting each couple on several occasions to ensure all of your dreams become a reality, caring for the flowers around the property and along with her flaming personality of awesomeness you will find her as an excellent problem solver. 



He is  the most excited about this adventure. You will find him working behind the scenes ensuring the grounds are kept, set up and take down is complete, and ensuring your event goes as smoothly as possible. He is a very ambitious man who will be taking on any task that his wife Rikki and Jody give him.

At the end of the day all four of us have the same goal;

To ensure that you as a couple have the day you have dreamed of.

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